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Gothenburg as place has a fairly long history as an organizer of the toy and vintage fair. Over the years, the fair has changed both look, location and organizer several times but a common denominator has always existed - the love of the gadgets.


The story must not end, I want it to be passed on and told to future generations, about how we managed the legacy and brought the interest in old gadgets further. To arrange a fair requires love for what you do, a huge interest and lots of feedback. Growing up in a home full of collectible cars in original boxes neatly lined up on shelves high placed from small children's hands, I was more or less born into this.


Already as a little girl I was at the fairs that Uncle Lars arranged at home in Helsingborg and after spending ten years in the merchant fleet and many years in the restaurant industry, I have realized that it is among old toys, vintage finds and heritage I belong.


Since a few years I live in the archipelago outside Gothenburg with my sea captain and it is with great pleasure we both welcome You all warmly to Gothenburg

Toy & Vintage Fair.


Styrsö in November 2019


Maria & Rickard

Toys & Vintage

Maria Henrikson

Nedre Hövik 8

430 84 Styrsö



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